APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Potenza, Vulture and Melfi Area - Going and Picking Mushrooms

The beautiful sides of the Vulture Massif are covered by wide and wonderful forests and in majestic woods characterised by precious mushrooms.

They are creatures that have always moved with their ancient shape, swayed with their colours, and inebriated with their perfumes.

Also Orazio, in his Satires, exalted the qualities of mushrooms.

Amongst the best known species of mushrooms there are not just the extraordinary edible boletus, Boletus aereus, but also the Boletus reticulatus and the Boletus edulis, then the Amanita Caesarea, the Pleurotus eryngii and the Cantharellus cibarius, the Macrolepiota procera and some well known truffles.

Some of these species also grow in the Turkey oak woods of Acerenza and Forenza and in the forests of Bella, Muro Lucano and Ruoti. Worth mentioning are the meadows and the Serre of Vaglio (‘Occhio Nero’ and ‘La Giova’), because of the presence of extraordinary stocks of Pleurotus eryngii, that gourmets ascribe extremely inebriating fragrances and tastes to.