APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Potenza, Vulture and Melfi Area - Animals and Plants

The wood that covers the Vulture Mountain is basically made of chestnut trees, Turkey oaks, beeches, but also of other kinds of trees, including maples and poplars; among the shrubs, hazels and wild roses are worth to be mentioned.

The environments on the Vulture Mountain are complex and unique. This allows the presence of several different animals, amongst which there are also some protected species.

In the damp environment of the Monticchio Lakes there are amphibious animals and reptiles, as well as many different fishes. In the area just under the Mountain, where woods of oak trees are, some protected species can nest.

Amongst them the kite, the sparrow hawk, the hawk, the woodpecker and the hoopoe can be found.

Amongst the animals typical of woods there are hedgehogs, dormouses, foxes and beech martens. In the higher zone, in a beech wood, some rare species such as the wild cat, the awl and the raven live.