APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

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Miglionico - Church of S. Francesco

The church of San Francesco, situated near the town of Miglionico, is flanked by a small monastery with a Romanesque bell tower, which contains Cima di Conegliano's wonderful polyptych, dating from 1499.

The polyptych, wonderfully adorned, consists of 18 paintings on wooden panels, set in a Baroque frame, portraying Gabriel, the Annunciation, St. Bernardino, St. Catherine, St. Clare, St. Gennaro, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Anthony, the Virgin Mary with the Infant and the five Franciscan martyrs.

The polyptych of Miglionico was bought in Leipzig towards the end of the XVI century to adorn the choir of the mother church. The paintings are arranged in four rows and set in a magnificent wooden frame, sculptured and elegantly engraved by local artists.

The polyptych, which fully displays Cima's limpid and harmonious pictorial style, is one of the most significant examples of imported art in our region.