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Parks and Protected Areas - The Loricate Pine

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Amongst the most relevant natural things to see in the Natural Park of Pollino there is the famous Loricate pine.

Its identification and classification has been rather controversial. Only in 1905, the comparison between this species and the one recognised in Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece has testified to the ancient links between the Italian peninsula and the Balkan one and has helped the experts to classify this species of pine as a relict one, memory of an age in which the climate was much colder than it is now.

In ancient times the wood of the Pino Loricato was used for making furniture. This use was so spread that in the area a whole activity for the use and the transport of these trunks was created.

The Pino Loricato timber was transported through cable-ways or roads made on purpose, whose remains are still visible as a picturesque memory.