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APT Basilicata

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Parks and Protected Areas - Volturino

Sci Club di Marsicovetere di Mario Diamante
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The Volturino Mountain (1,836 m) the name of which comes from the Latin word ‘vulture’, is an imposing massif of volcanic rock, having two peaks of almost the same height and separated by a fertile green valley.

Its top is covered by thick beech woods surrounded by wide pastures.

The colours of this Mountain are revived by its snowy peaks and it is the destination of numerous excursionists who come to discover the beauties of nature on its peaks and passes.

Volturino is also a well-appreciated ski station. On this Mountain is a slope more than 2 km long, served by a two-seater chair lift of 1,500 metres, which can transport about 1,000 passengers per hour.