APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Avigliano (PZ) - The Stockfish

Questo piatto tipico può essere degustato in tutti i ristoranti del paese.

The recipe for cooking dried salt-cured cod (‘baccalà’) in Avigliano is mainly with ‘cruschi’ peppers.

These are common red peppers (the best ones come from the area around Senise), that are cropped and dried in the sun. Their footstalks are stringed with a cotton thick rope, thus forming laces (called ‘nzerta’).

The peppers thus processed are very good for frying in abundant oil; this makes this dish crunchy and very tasty.

For the preparation of this recipe (4 persons): boil 500 gr of dried salt-cured cod, drain then and chop them in big pieces. In the meantime fry in a pan 300 gr of cruschi peppers in abundant oil, with a garlic and some parsley.

Add the cruschi peppers and their oil to the dried salt-cured cod. At the end add some chilly oil to complete this very tasty recipe.

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