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APT Basilicata

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Pollino Park
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The middle part of the Pollino Massif is composed of three wonderful Plains: ‘Piano di Toscano’, ‘Piano del Pollino’ and ‘Piana del Pollino’. They are between 1,790 and 1,961 metres high. They spread out over the 5 ‘Serre’ of the Pollino, thus forming a plateau that is the heart of the whole Massif.

This natural amphitheatre can be reached through the ‘Grande Porta del Pollino’, that goes from ‘Serra di Crispo’ to ‘Serra delle Ciavole’.

The area of the Plains is characterised by high pastures and prairies, wide beech forests on the mountainsides of the Serre and by Pini Loricati on the heights, that are particularly numerous in this area.

From the Northern end of the central plateau flows the Frido Stream, that runs toward Basilicata.