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APT Basilicata

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Pignola - The Oasis of the Pantano Lake

Cooperativa Nuova Terra
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Pro Loco "Il Portale"
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E-mail: proloco.ilportalelibero.it
Presidente: Albano Bruno Mario

Placed at a few km far from Potenza, the Lake of Pantano di Pignola spreads out in a valley surrounded by mountains that reach 1,000 metres.

This Lake was originated by an artificial dam in an area of meadows and cultivated fields, which used to be marshy, but was later cleaned up.

There is much submerged vegetation and on the Lake shores cane thickets and rushes grow.

Amongst the trees there are several kinds of willows, alders and poplars. The birds living around the Lake are very interesting, as some of these species are particularly beautiful. For example grey herons, moorhens, egrets, widgeons, teals and some species of ducks, such as great crested grebes, kingfishers and lapwings.

Also many amphibious species live there: frogs, toads and yellow-bellied toads.

The environment of the Lake is furthermore enriched by the presence of several carnivorous and insectivorous mammals, such as weasels, foxes, beech martens, hedgehogs and shrews.