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The mountain complex called ‘Pollino’, the most important in Basilicata, is rich in natural resources and beautiful landscapes.

The most relevant peculiarity of this area is its richness in different environments that offers, at the same time, aspects of the Mediterranean areas and aspects of the Alps areas.

The plant heritage of the Pollino Mountain includes, amongst its extended beech woods, the valuable silver fir and, on the highest mountainsides, the rare Pino Loricato. This is a glacial relict that can mainly be found in the Balkans and that grows on the Pollino Mountain in some of the most beautiful, rich and thickest colonies on the heights in the whole of Europe.

Throughout the mountain territory there are several springs and wide pastures that contribute to a peculiarly alpine landscape.

The natural features, such as thick woods broken up by several streams that hollow in the heart of the mountain, are surrounded by the peaks of the Massif, over 2,000 metres high and snow-capped for most of the year.