APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Bernalda-Metaponto - Tavole Palatine

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Evidence of the prosperity of the ancient polis of ‘Metapontum’ can still be found in the archaeological areas.

On a hill, it is possible to admire the ‘Tavole Palatine’, name that usually refers to the ruins of the extra urban temple dedicated to Hera.

Built in Doric style in 530 B.C., it is the only worship monumental building whose external colonnade has been partly preserved.

The original construction used to have 6 columns on the short side and 12 columns on the long side, but there are only 15 left, arranged in two wings, respectively of 10 and 5 columns each, which support two pieces of an architrave. The columns were restored in 1961.