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Tricarico - The Carnival

Pro Loco
Largo Santa Croce, 23
Tel. 0835 728073
Web: www.proloco-tricarico.org
E-mail: tricaricoproloco@tiscali.it
Periodo di svolgimento: 17 gennaio, dalle ore 06.00 per tutto il giorno

The carnival of Tricarico is celebrated in a way that is both unusual and traditional.

During carnival, groups of young people and adults dress up following an ancient ritual.

In each group, a person dresses up as a farmer and the others either as cows, adorned with colourful ribbons, or as bulls, entirely dressed in black.

Each group compounded this way goes around the town, noisily ringing cowbells of different shapes. The whole ritual is probably meant to represent the transhumance, which in spring transformed the tracks of Tricarico, starting from the sea plains, into an endless row of cattle.

The rest of the day is spent celebrating and waiting for the evening, when the traditional burning of the carnival puppet takes place.