APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Chain of Sirino

It is located in the province of Potenza. The chain comprises Mount Sirino (1,907 m) and Mount del Papa (2,005 m) with its marvellous little lake, the laghetto Remmo (or Laudemio) and the other tiny one, lago Zapano, boasting its rich palustrine vegetation and forest. The mountain is limestone with lots of different kinds of landscapes and is inhabited up to 1,000 m; little mountain homes, small farms, tiny chapels and schools surrounded by oaks and the chestnuts and beech trees. The densest areas of wood are the natural habitat for the alder, the hornbeam, the white aspen and white fir. And standing out among the rest is the walnut tree which is probably native, too. Between 1,800 and 2,000 m it is possible to find some rare species, including the unique grass, the Vicia sirinica (the vetch of Sirino) found only here.

The fauna includes the jay and the green woodpecker, some foxes and even a wolf or two: keen mountain lovers swear they have seen their tracks in the snow. Among the geological features visible to the naked eye the ‘marmitte del gigantic’ (the giants' kettles) are huge invasions of rock caused by erosion. The Sirino Lake is found at the base of the mountain with the same name. It measures 250 m in length and 100 in width covering an area of 3 hectares, and it is 8 metres deep in the centre. Its fame is also due to the beauty of the surroundings alders, aspens and centuries old oak trees and not only for its delicious trout.

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