APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Greeks

Starting from the VII century B.C., the first Greek colonists arrived from present-day Turkey in search of fertile land to farm and founded the town of Siris on a hill between the mouths of the rivers Agri and Sinni.

It was an irregular settlement, defended with a simple wall of raw bricks, with non-monumental sacred areas, but it presented a large necropolis in the valleys below.

Further north along the coast, a people coming from Peloponnesus founded the town of Metaponto in 640 B.C.

It was a rich town with a solid town-planning system and a lot of wonderful temples and public buildings.

The influence of the two towns extended over a large area, with flourishing agriculture and trade which allowed the development of high-level artistic productions.

At the end of the VI century B.C., Siris was destroyed by the inhabitants of Kroton. The town of Heracleia was founded by a coalition of Taranto and Thurii in 433 B.C. Heracleia was an important town, defended with monumental walls, with rich houses provided with porches and mosaic floors, an ‘agorà’ with public buildings and a sacred area with monumental temples.

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