APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Middle Ages

A very dark period started for Lucania with the barbaric invasions.

Throughout the VI century A.D. Lucania became more and more depopulated and poor, while the war between the Goths and the Byzantines raged.

With the Byzantines' victory, only Benedictine and Basil monastic communities of the orthodox rite preserved their organizational and economic autonomy.

When the Longobards invaded Italy in 568, they met with no resistance whatsoever in southern Italy. Lucania disappeared as a region under Longobard rule.

On the death of the Longobard prince Arechi, while the war of succession raged, the Saracens infiltrated the area, building settlements in Tursi, Tricarico and Pietrapertosa.

The Byzantines intervened to check the Muslims. They reconquered Apulia and took control of the Lombard principalities.

The whole X century was simply a sequence of battles in a war of all against all involving the Longobards, the Byzantines, the Saxons and the Saracens' incursions.

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