APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Romans

The organizational and military strength of Rome came out in the convulsive scene which characterized the III century B.C. in southern Italy.

Under Roman rule, a system based on ‘latifundia’ (large estates) used for grazing or extensive cereal growing was established, to such an extent that it caused serious phenomena of soil impoverishment.

Between the III and the II century B.C., the development of the towns of Venusia and Grumentum was overwhelming.

They became magnets for country people. Heracleia and Metapontum enjoyed a certain prosperity until the I century A.D.

Ancient cults had been supplanted, the Osco-Sabellian language was replaced with Latin and the ancient social structure was completely Romanized in the rest of the region too.

During the II and III century A.D., the wild deforestation, the unbearable taxes and the short-sighted management of the ‘latifundium’ made this area poorer and poorer.

People's discontent and the barbarians' pressure on the northern borders slowly paved the way to the fall of Rome.

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