APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Swabians

The Norman Kingdom and the Holy Roman Empire were united under one Crown through the wedding between Henry of Swabia and Constance de Hauteville on Christmas Day 1194, but Henry's death whetted the appetite of a lot of pretenders to the throne.

Young Frederick, placed under the Pope's protection, did not have many supporters, but good luck was on his side: thanks to a couple of fortunate deaths, the renunciation of the kingdom of Sicily in favour of his brother and the promise of a crusade, Frederick managed to become Emperor.

Frederick promoted the development of agriculture, the construction of public works and religious buildings, promulgated the ‘Constitutiones Melphitanae’, a very advanced legislative instrument, protected arts and science, practised very ample religious tolerance and gained the epithet ‘Stupor Mundi’.

During the reign of great Frederick, Basilicata carried on recovering, proving itself a political centre of worldwide importance, which it would never be again in its multimillenial history.

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