APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

ARCHIVE Brochures

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  • Anteprima 2008 (.pdf 2,1 Mb)  Italiano  English
  • Anteprima 2009 (.pdf 2,8 Mb)  Italiano
  • Carnevali Lucani (.pdf 1,6 Mb) Italiano
  • Cineturismo (.pdf 1,3 Mb)  Italiano  English
  • Invito d'inverno - Sciare in Basilicata (.pdf 2,5 Mb)  Italiano
  • Monaci Basiliani (.pdf 0,6 Mb)  It-En
  • Ordini Cavallereschi (.pdf 0,7 Mb)  It-En
  • Riti arborei (.pdf 2,6 Mb)  Italiano

Atlante turistico della Basilicata - Tourist Atlas of Basilicata

Atlante turistico della Basilicata

It contains a detailed description of the region and also five itineraries which cross all the towns in Basilicata. Information about history, geography and culture, nature and environment, are completed by a charming collection of photos; 96 colour pages where Basilicata ‘shows’ itself to the tourist.
Download booklet (.pdf, 21.28MB)

Guida enogastronomica della Basilicata - Gastronomic Guide to Basilicata

Guida enogastronomica della Basilicata

Gastronomy and Handicraft are extra excuses to visit Basilicata; this issue places the most important pieces of information about products and manufacturers at tourists’ disposal. Evocative pictures and a great variety of recipes enrich ‘the savour’ of this guide.
Download booklet (.pdf, 6.45MB)

Cicloturismo in Basilicata - Tourist Cycling in Basilicata

Cicloturismo in Basilicata

This guide provides eight thematic itineraries to improve the knowledge of the various fascinating aspects of the region; the fourteen stages and three specific routes dedicated to the Jonian coast, develop on 1,300 km of route on the whole.
Download booklet (.pdf, 12.75MB)

Potenza e provincia – Potenza and Province

Potenza e provincia

Dealing with the administrative capital of Basilicata and its province, this full of photos issue includes a detailed description of the characteristics of the area. Information is given in Italian, English and German.
Download booklet (.pdf, 6.78MB)

Matera e provincia – Matera and Province

Matera e provincia

A rich photographic reportage about Matera, chief town of its province, and its 30 Communes; it includes short descriptions in Italian, English, French, German and Japanese.
Download booklet (.pdf, 8.56MB)