APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Accettura - Policoro

Total Distance: 91 Km


This route leaves from Accettura: covering the state road 227 we move to Stigliano, that is reached after facing a steep climb among old houses of the inhabited centre.

After leaving the village, the landscape begins to change, the green of the forests and of the country leaves its place to the yellow of the ravines’ clays.

Going on through the SS 103 we reach an important detour towards Pisticci, and we begin to get deeply into the heart of the ravines’ area following the old tracing of the road, that we ascend again with security until reaching Craco, where it is possible to observe the majestic structures of the churches, the defensive structure of the tower standing over the centre and the ruins of old houses.

From the unreal atmosphere of Craco, we begin again our route and we go on until crossing the large bed of the Agri river; at Tursi crossroad we make a detour on the left towards Santa Maria di Anglona, we ascend again among the ravines and we reach a grown table-land from which the view reaches the sea.

We come back to the main route and we go on towards Policoro passing through the large tableland of Panevino, crossing a flanked with trees street that slowly goes down with large turns towards Policoro, where our route ends.