APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Parks and Protected Areas - Going and Picking Mushrooms

In the Pollino Massif, covered in wide and wonderful forests of broad-leaved trees and conifers, is characterised by an extraordinarily wide range of mushrooms, mostly belonging to the European species.

Not only on the foothills of this wonderful Massif, but also in the Agri Valley – in the Gallipoli-Cognato Forest, now declared ‘Parco Naturale’ picking mushrooms is forbidden – there are many kinds of edible boletus, Boletus aereus, Boletus edulis, Boletus reticulatus, and extraordinary specimens of mushrooms belonging to almost all the best known kind in Italy.

Amongst them there are also the precious truffles, from valuable white truffles, Tuber magnatum, to the Tuber borchii, from the Tuber aestivum to the black truffle, Tuber brumale, from the Tuber brumale var moschatum to the Tuber aestivum var uncinatum.