APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Parks and Protected Areas (PZ) - Wood and Wicker Handicraft

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Woodcraft is spread out over the whole region. This activity was traditionally connected to people’s daily needs, that is why in every village there are workshops of carpenters as well as of other artisans.

In many cases the working capacities have developed so much as to manufacture products of extremely good quality.

Amongst the most commonly used essence there are chestnut, oak, beech, fir, cherry, pear, but also the very valuable walnut.

Some interesting activities are developed in Francavilla in Sinni, Viggianello, Noepoli and Sant’Arcangelo.

The production of furniture in the style called ‘arte povera’ is widely spread.

Viggianello is the home village of wicker craft, chests and baskets are produced in big quantities.