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Aliano - Carlo Levi

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Carlo Levi was born in Turin on 29th November 1902. He was very young when he exhibited his paintings at the ‘Biennale’ (biennial exhibition) of Venice.

He soon became a promoter and animator of the first antifascist subversive organisations and in 1935 he was interned for three years in Grassano, from which he moved to Aliano.

The artist made friends with local people, cured the sick, went on painting and taking notes in his diary.

A few years later, between 1943 and 1944, he wrote the novel ‘Christ stopped at Eboli’.

In the book, the writer described the tragic situation of southern Italy at that time and his life experiences during his exile in a poor town of peasant Italy.

Carlo Levi died in Rome on 4th January 1975 and was buried, in accordance with his wishes, in Aliano, where it is possible to visit the Literary Park dedicated to him.