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Miglionico - The ‘Malconsiglio’ Castle

Town Hall
Via Dante, 12
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Web: www.comune.miglionico.mt.it
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Open: it is partially visitable during the days arranged by the FAI (Tel. 02 4676151 - 06 6896752)
Note well: under restorations

The ‘Malconsiglio’ castle (castle of the ill-advice), which belongs to the Sanseverino family, owes its name to the conspiracy against Ferdinand I of Aragon, king of Naples, which the barons of the kingdom organized inside it.

The conspiracy took place on 1st October 1481 and ended in the bloody slaughter of the barons in the big room on the first floor; the castle has been called of the ‘Malconsiglio’ ever since then.

The castle has the shape of a parallelogram, flanked by seven keeps, the oldest of which have a square plan, two double towers and some circular towers, situated at the corners of the building.

It develops on two levels, with a balcony built during a renovation wanted by the Reverteras in the XVII century.

The most beautiful part of the castle is the ‘Sala della Stella’, also called ‘Sala degli Spiriti’, whose little niches hollowed into the walls were used to store the treasures of its inhabitants.