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APT Basilicata

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Bernalda - Castle

Piazza San Bernardino da Siena
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Note well: only an area of the ground-floor, in which the Modern Art Picture-Gallery is located, is open to the public.

The original construction, made by Riccardo da Camarda, dates from the Normans.

The castle was inhabited by several lords such as Pietro Tempesta and Bernardo del Balzo until 1470.

In 1735, the castle gave hospitality to Charles III of Borbone, who at the beginning of his reign wanted to visit the area around Naples, personally gained after the Polish succession war.

At present, in addition to the three still standing towers, there are traces of at least five more.

They consisted of a basement, mostly used as a depot, of a ground floor, whose offensive means mainly faced the interior, and of two upper floors overlooking the courtyard, with the exception of the southern tower.

The castle contains at least fourteen wells, which its inhabitants used to get water in case of siege.