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Nova Siri - Diego Sandoval’s Castle

Town Hall
Largo Melidoro
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Note well: inside the youth hostel is located; for any guided tour apply to Pro Loco - Tel. 0835 876226, Mobile 347 8879252

Diego Sandoval De Castro’s Castle can be admired in the centre of Nova Siri, in the highest part of the town.

It was built in about the IX century and was the residence of the feudatories of Bollita (De Castro, Asprella, Raimondi, Crivelli) until 1806.

The De Castro family's name is well-known in the history of literature due to the poetic inspiration of the son Diego, whose name is connected to that of Isabella Morra, the poetess from Favale (Valsinni), both killed because of a supposed love relationship.

The castle is a massive building erected on natural foundations, with a large entrance hall without any portal and a high wall with slits on the front.

At present it is divided into private habitations which have altered the original look of the hall. There are only the wrought iron XVIII century balconies left.