APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Dawn and Sunset on the Sea

Jonian Coast: The Beaches

The beaches of Basilicata along the coast of the Jonian Sea are the places where the culture of Magna Graecia developed. They have proved to be a great resource for tourism. In the last decades new bathing establishments, camping sites, villages and hotels have developed to receive tourists in summertime. Connected to inland towns, they provide tourists with all necessary facilities. The sunny beaches, whose colours are almost African, attract tourists from every region, who are impressed by the length of the sandy coast, the limpid sea and the wonderful pine woods bordering the coast.

Maratea: The Beaches

Along a stretch of few kilometres, in the Policastro Gulf, the calcareous mountain in Basilicata meets the Tyrrhenian Sea, thus creating an extraordinary landscape. The rock face is overhanging the sea, small inlets with gravel beaches, fine sand and rock capes that the sea periodically isolates from the main land. The sea bed, deep and uncontaminated, is ideal for those who love diving. In this wonderful landscape, washed by one of the cleanest Italian seas (Maratea has some on the cutting-edge purifiers), there are several small beaches, only reachable by boat and several well equipped beaches, such as Acquafredda, Fiumicello, Santavenere, Marina and Castrocucco.