APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Avigliano (PZ) - The Artistic Knives

Sig. Aquila Vito
Via Don Nicola Stolfi
85021 Avigliano (pz)
Tel. 0971 81620 - Cell. 335 8344029
Web: www.vitoaquila.it
E-mail: [email protected]


E' possibile osservare la lavorazione artigianale tutti i giorni feriali, dalle ore 8:00 alle ore 13:00 e dalle ore 15:00 alle ore 17:00

Note: il sig. Aquila è l'unico produttore di balestre ed è anche il fondatore dell'Associazione AVILIART che raggruppa vari artigiani locali:
- per il legno il sig. Chianese Nicola - Tel. 0971 700876
- per la micropittura la sig.ra Concetta Lucia - Tel. 0971 82338
- per la lavorazione dei tessuti a telaio la sig.ra Salvatore Antonietta - Tel. 0971 81911
- per l'oreficeria il sig. D'Andrea Giovanni - Tel. 0971 85070

The art of making knives of great value and artistic relevance is a tradition that reflects the fierce spirit and the invincible temperament of the inhabitants of Avigliano.

Old documents testify that these people were prone to fighting. Knives are consequently the symbol of their proud disposition.

The production of knives reached its perfection at the end of the XVIII century.

The ‘balestra’ (crossbow) was adorned with silver and bras decorations.

From the use of knives came a tradition that was followed up to the beginning of the XX century.

Before the wedding, the bridegroom would give his wife-to-be a balestra as a present: she was supposed to use it in case she needed to defend her honour.