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APT Basilicata

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Parks and Protected Areas (PZ) - Musical Instruments

Laboratorio artigianale di Pino Salamone
A Terranova del Pollino
Tel. 0973 93350
Web: www.totarella.it

The art of crafting musical instruments is widely developed, in particular bagpipes and the Viggiano harp are well known.

In Terranova del Pollino and in San Paolo Albanese it is possible to visit some workshops of artisans that craft several kinds of bagpipes, ‘surduline’, ‘ciaramelle’, ‘cupa-cupa’ and tambourines.

The ’Surdulina’ is a local type of bagpipe; it has Arabian origins and is the smallest Italian kind of bagpipe.

For those who love musical instruments, a visit to Viggiano will show the secrets of the diatonic harp, called ‘arpa viggianese’.

This is a very old instrument that has made Viggiano famous in the whole world.