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APT Basilicata

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Lagonegro (PZ) - The Factory of Tower Clocks

Michele Canonico
Viale Colombo, 6
Tel. 0973 21254 - Fax. 0973 21254
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In Lagonegro, for over 120 years, there has been a factory specialised in producing and installing tower clocks and in electrifying bells.

Founded in 1879 by Michelangelo Canonico, this factory has obtained, right from the start, several official awards.

It received the Golden Medal for Industrial Merits, from the Ministero dell’Industria (in 1892), the Grand Honour Diploma (in 1902) and the faculty of hanging the Royal Coat of Arms on the factory sign, a Golden Medal Diploma, from the Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Potenza (CCIAA) in Potenza (in 1969), a Statement with Golden Medal, from the CCIAA in Potenza (in 2000).

This is the only enterprise in Southern-Central Italy producing and operating in this field and has so far produced thousands of equipment, sold both in Italy and abroad.