APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

San Severino Lucano - The Madonna del Pollino

Comitato Feste Patronali “Don Camillo Perrone”
Tel. 0973 576040
Periodo di svolgimento: mese di luglio

The celebration of the ‘Madonna del Pollino’ is one of the most important events in the area of the Mountain that belongs to Basilicata and to Calabria.

Every year thousands of pilgrims come on the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of July in order to take part in this celebration, which has its peak near the Sanctuary, built at 1537 metres of height, on the mountainside.

This monument was built after the Madonna appeared to a shepherd and where it seems that a statue of the Holy Virgin had been hidden. The statue is brought to the Sanctuary in summertime, while in winter it is kept in the Church of San Severino Lucano.

In the days of the celebration the pilgrims climb up to the Sanctuary in small groups, singing and playing traditional instruments such as the bagpipes and the hand-organ.

They walk around the sanctuary three times and, after having visited it, they reach the cave where the statue was found. On the Saturday, after Mass, the statue is brought in a procession headed by some women.