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APT Basilicata

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Tursi - La Rabatana

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The Rabatana is the original quarter from which the town of Tursi had developed, occupied by the Saracens in ancient times.

It is situated north-east of the town, on a hill about 350 metres above sea level.

Owing to its intricate structure, based on a contorted maze of streets and lanes, the quarter testifies to the incredible expansion of Islam in this part of the region.

Its name comes from the Arabic Rabad, which means village.

The houses have preserved the ancient architecture, the streets are made of stone and there are very few shops.

In the oldest part of the Rabatana, uninhabited at present, stands the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, initially built by a group of Basil monks in the IX century and then rebuilt over the old building about 1546.