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Maratea and Sirino - Going and Picking Mushrooms

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In the forests of the Coccovello Mountain, in Trecchina, under some old chestnut trees an extraordinarily wide range of mushrooms can be found.

There are many kinds of edible boletus, very much appreciated because of their organoleptic characteristics, such as the Amanita caesarea, the Fistula epatica, the Russula aurea.

In the broad-leaved woods, in particular in beech, Turkey oak and alder woods that cover the mountainsides of the Sirino Mountain, there are many wonderful species of mushrooms belonging to the Amanita, Russula, Cortinarius, Clitocybe, Ramaria, Leccinum and Armillaria kinds.

Particularly appreciated in the area around Maratea is the Laetiporus sulphureus. In the clearings, in the pastures and in the uncultivated areas of this territory, the Pleurotus eryngii grows.

This is a kind of mushroom that has extraordinary organoleptic characteristics and that has always been used in the cookery of Basilicata.