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Parks and Protected Areas - Lucanian Dolomites

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The beautiful ‘Dolomiti Lucane’ are characterised by high peaks with odd shapes that suggested imaginative names, such as the eagle, the anvil, the big mother, the owl. They are part of a mountain complex that dates back to 15 million years ago.

The highest mountains are those of the Costa di San Martino, called ‘Piccole Dolomiti’, because they reproduce the sharpness and the characteristics of the famous ‘Pule Trentine’.

Very beautiful are also the peaks of the Murge di Castelmezzano and those of the Carrozze Mountain. The Rio di Capperino Stream is very evocative: it has hollowed a deep gorge that divides the ‘Murge di Castelmezzano’ from the ‘Costa di S.Martino’.

In the most inaccessible ravines of the Dolomiti Lucane several species of birds nest, amongst them kites, kestrels and peregrine falcons.

In spite of the bare appearance, the peaks offer interesting vegetation that includes red valerian and honesty.

At the back of the Dolomiti Lucane there are the evocative villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa.