APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica


Distance from Potenza: 118 km

Distance from Matera: 170 km

Altitude: 311 m amsl

Postal code: 85046

Inhabitants: 5287 (Marateoti)

Commune in the province of Potenza

Maratea is the only access that Basilicata has to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its origins date back to the Bronze Age. This village was built on the mountainside of the San Biagio Mountain, overlooking the Policastro Gulf. This Gulf is bordered by some very beautiful beaches.

On the side of this village which overlooks the shore, there is a Belvedere with a Statue of the Redentore, by Bruno Innocenti. In the village there are 44 churches. Along the shore there are several Sighting Towers built up in the XVI century. In the area called ‘Marina’ the evocative Maratea Caves can be found.

Worth visiting are the old centre, on a higher position, and the Small Square.

The economy of Maratea is mostly based on summer tourism.

The beautiful accommodations welcome every year not only Italian tourists, but also tourists from abroad. Many events are organised during the summer, such as Marajazz, Marateatro, Maratea Musica Festival and the ‘Caseus premium’.

Amministrazione Comunale

85046 - Piazza B. Vitolo, 1
Tel. 0973 874111 - Fax 0973 874240
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.comune.maratea.pz.it

Pro Loco di Maratea "La Perla"

Sede operativa:
Piazza del gesù, 39
85046 - Maratea (PZ)
Tel.: 0973 876026 - Fax: 0973 876026
Cell.: 348 3887669
E-mail: [email protected]
Sito internet: www.marateaproloco.it

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