APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Matera - Potenza

Total Distance: 112,6 Km


We leave Matera through ‘La Martella’ district, in order to avoid heavy traffic; we turn towards San Giuliano Dam, that is both a protected area and the first artificial basin built in Basilicata.

We continue until the SS 7, and then we move towards Miglionico, a centre of medieval origin. It is advised to visit the ‘Malconsiglio’ castle. After visiting the pretty centre, the route continues along the cline appearing on the left side of the Basento which arrives at Potenza.

The following destination is Grottole, because of the numerous prehistoric small caves that can be seen on the village’s base. Leaving the village, we arrive at the following destination, Grassano, passing through a short street called ‘of the memory’ for its many features and art works belonging to another age.

Going down until the SS7, we make the most difficult part of the way going up to Tricarico, a medieval village of notable cultural interest. In the SS 7, we move towards the junction of Vaglio, where it is possible to see archaeological excavations.

The last effort consists of going along the four kilometres of the Basentana road that guides us to Potenza. There our route ends.