APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Parks and Protected Areas - The Park of the Agri Valley

The Park of the Agri Valley, created in 1998, represents a fundamental step towards the protection of the animal species typical of the Apennine of Basilicata.

This is spread out over around 800 square km and is an immense green expanse surrounded by the mountainsides of the Apennine and by the hills the villages are built on.

Because of the rugged stream system that characterises this area, it was possible to keep an ideal environment for the different protected species that live in the Park. Amongst them there are otters, wolves of the Apennine, wild cats, martens and squirrels.

Amongst the birds it is possible to find peregrine falcons, Cornish choughs, while in the lakes of the Pertusillo there are white storks and many species of stilt-birds.