APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Brindisi di Montagna - Park ‘La Grancia’

S.S. 407-Bradanica uscita Foresta Grancia Brindisi di Montagna a Km 14 da Pz
85010 Brindisi di Montagna (pz)
Tel. 0971 274704 - Fax 0971 26794
Cell. 327 1877802 - 327 3336026
Web: www.parcostorico.it
E-mail: [email protected]



It is plunged in wonderful natural scenery and is the first Park in Italy showing some peculiar characteristics. A path crosses the forest and leads to a wide amphitheatre where, in summertime, the show ‘La Storia Bandita’ is played. It is a great representation that portrays the story of the farmers’ raisings in Basilicata, known as ‘Brigantaggio’.

The historical and cultural tradition of a whole community is told very artistically in a wonderful show, in which cinema, musical and theatre are connected, in a scene 20,000 sq m wide. The spectacular special effects, created by the union of nature and art, are extremely thrilling.

In this enchanting environment, also concerts and shows at international level are organised, which contribute to the development of a natural area of great fascination.

A characteristic little market shows a variety of typical products, thus resuscitating colours, tastes and sounds of a hundred years ago.