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APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Bernalda-Metaponto - Phythagoras

Metaponto Borgo - Archaeological Park
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The Jonian philosopher was born in Samos, in Greece, in 570 B.C.

After travelling in Egypt and Babylonia, he settled down in Crotone in 530 B.C., where he started a philosophical-political sect, which had a considerable influence on Magna Graecia.

Then he settled down in Metaponto, from which his ideas began circulating and where the philosopher died about 490 B.C. (the temple of Lycian Apollo is probably his funeral monument).

His figure was surrounded by a legendary halo, his doctrine was regarded as a secret accessible only to initiates, who were not allowed to spread it.

He was one of the greatest philosophers, mathematicians and moralists of the ancient times, preached freedom and equality, tolerance and respect.

As the creator of the word philosophy, that is love of wisdom, Pythagoras wanted to prove that man must aim at moral elevation with all his strength.