APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

San Paolo Albanese

Distance from Potenza: 146 km

Distance from Matera: 99 km

Altitude: 848 m amsl

Postal code: 85030

Inhabitants: 423 (Sanpaolesi)

Commune in the province of Potenza

This is one of the smallest villages in Basilicata. For a long time it has been under the domination of the ‘Stato di Noia’ (the present Noepoli). It was long deserted and was populated again only in the XVI century by some Albanian refugees who, after the colonisation, changed the original name of the village, that was ‘Casalnuovo’.

The people living there still keep Albanian traditions (most of all in the rites of weddings and funerals), costumes and language. The old Albanian culture is illustrated in the ‘Museo delle Civiltà Arberesche’.

In the beautiful Church of San Rocco, protector of the village, there are some frescos. A characteristic event which is performed during the celebration of San Rocco is the transportation of the ‘gregne’ (bunches of wheat), carried on people’s shoulders during the procession. At the end of the procession some folk groups perform in the typical dance of the ‘falcetto’ (reaping hook).

Amministrazione Comunale

85030 - Via Alessandro Smilari, 19
Tel. 0973 94367 - Fax 0973 94368
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.comune.sanpaoloalbanese.pz.it