APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

Parks and Protected Areas (PZ) - Stone, Ceramics and Iron

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In this region, particularly in the ‘Parco del Pollino’, stone craft is a traditional activity.

Artisans can make products of great artistic value, such as portals in carved and decorated stone, fireplaces, steps, tables, mortars and so on.

Important centres of this activity are Viggiano, where an attempt to industrialise the productive processes is developing, and Latronico.

The art of ceramics is well developed in Calvello, where it started being practised in the XI century.

The iron craft is an old tradition, as many manufactures in the area clearly show. There are richly decorated handrails and banisters, bed heads and fireplace tools.

In several villages, such as Castelluccio superiore, Anzi and Sant’Arcangelo there still are several workshops.