APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica


Distance from Potenza: 49 km

Distance from Matera: 123 km

Altitude: 650 m amsl

Postal code: 85057

Inhabitants: 3238 (Tramutolesi)

Commune in the province of Potenza

This village has Roman origins and used to be ‘pagus’ to Grumentum. In the X century it was destroyed by the Saracens and later repopulated by the Benedictines from ‘Cava dei Tirreni’. These monks favoured the cultivation of mulberries and the breeding of silkworms, which, together with linen and hemp, led to an important textile production, which had been for many years the main basis of the local economy.

The streets of this village are starred with portals and arcaded loggias of ancient palaces. In the Main Church of the Madonna dei Miracoli there is a polyptych of 1569 by Antonio Stabile. The Church of the Rosario has a wooden portal of 1671 made by Linardo Laraia, decorated with Angels and some other ornamental patterns.

Typical of this village is the old stone washtub where, until some years ago, women used to kneel to do the washing.

The main activities of Tramutola are farming and animal breeding.

Amministrazione Comunale

85057 - Piazza del Popolo, 8
Tel. 0975 353212 - Fax 0975 353009
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.comune.tramutola.pz.it

Pro Loco di Tramutola

Via Ferroni, 4
85057 - Tramutola (PZ)
E-mail: pro[email protected]
Sito internet: www.prolocotramutola.it