APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica


Distance from Potenza: 107 km

Distance from Matera: 154 km

Altitude: 600 m amsl

Postal code: 85049

Inhabitants: 2455 (Trecchinesi)

Commune in the province of Potenza

The origins of this village date back to the Second War against the Sanniti. In 317 B.C., in the place where Trecchina is now, a Roman garrison settled, while attacking Nerulum.

In the centre of this village there is the beautiful ‘Piazza del Popolo’, surrounded by gardens, with its old stone cross. In this Square there is also San Michele’s Church, dating back to the middle of the XIX century.

In the surrounding area, near ‘Passo la Colla’, there is the Belvedere overlooking the Policastro Gulf. Around this village there are some evocative chestnut woods, ideal for long summer walks.

Handcraft is well developed in the area, in particular wrought iron and wicker baskets.

This is one of the centres in Basilicata, together with Potenza, Picerno, Pignola and Tito, where the Gaul-Italian dialect is spoken. This probably depends on the migration (XIII century) of some peoples coming from areas in the North of Italy (Monferrato), that amalgamated together with the local communities. (G. Rohlfs).

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